10 Fast and Simple Ways to Decorate with Construction Supply

In this article we will show you how to decorate your home with construction supply. We will show you 10 ways to make a room more stylish and save money, too!


Decorating with construction supply is a surprisingly easy way to add character and excitement to your home. At first glance you may not think of things like sponges, saw blades, and PVC pipe as decor items, but with the right creative ideas – they make great accessories for your living room or entrance hall. And while these items have been around for ages in the form of scrapbooking supplies or just plain old tools, it’s really only been in recent years that they’ve been seen as anything other than “things needed to build a house.”

So go ahead – turn your house into a construction scene! You’ll be amazed at how much it changes the feel of space at minimal cost.

Decorative Level

We really must stress the importance of this step: You’re going to start by standing around and looking at your house.


The reason for this is that construction scenes are usually very dark, dull, or just plain tacky. While you can use your own artistic judgement in making them (some people like them insanely bright, bright colors and crazy patterns), it’s important to take a step back and get some creative inspiration from other pieces you may have already built (or buy some of the accessories available at home improvement stores). Here are some ideas to get you started:


  1. Use old books: Cut out an old book’s pages and arrange them to create a mosaic effect, strung up in rows on the wall for a sunny, cheerful look.


  1. Build a set of architecturally correct scale models: If you have a model house (or just the plans), use objects you probably have around the house to build something that would make an amazing model of your home.


  1. Use cans painted silver or white to paint the walls with fun colors – like aquas, blues, or pinks: Or find some old ones and paint them metallic (an easy way is to fill each one with acrylic craft paint).


  1. Use spray paint to decorate: Or paint the cans with exterior latex or oil-based paints, which gives a more durable but less-brittle finish.


  1. Use sponges: Lay them on the floor to create your own version of a mosaic. (Note that the bristles must be removed from the sponges, so you can then glue them in place.)

construction supply

  1. Use a plastic kitchen bag or some old dish towels: Use them as a backdrop for a tableau of your home and its contents (tape off all the sharp edges first).


  1. Use some colorful duct tape and attach it to the wall: Make a mural, floor, or even an entire room with this simple decorating tool.


  1. Use emblems: Find a set of car emblems and use them as decoration on kitchen cabinets, an island, or even the walls to give your house some automotive flair.


  1. Use glass bottles in a garden theme: You can either paint them in bright colors or find green glass bottles and give them a new lease on life by using them as plant vases – just add water! And don’t be afraid to experiment with the arrangement; it doesn’t all have to be neatly lined up and organized (unless that’s your style).


  1. Use colored pencils or crayons: There are many ways to use this simple decorating trick. You can simply color directly onto the walls, use a sponge to rub in the colored pencil, or you can even painstakingly stencil your own masterpiece.

construction supply

Any way you choose to decorate with construction supply, be sure to have fun with it! It’s a great way to let your personal style shine through in a room of your home that everyone – especially you – will spend time in. Plus, now that you’re saving money by getting creative and using materials already around your house, that means more money for things like home improvement contractors!

What about you, reader? Have you decorated your home with construction supply? If so, we’d love to see pictures of your house! Please send them in and we’ll feature them on the site!

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave us a note below. We look forward to hearing from you and being inspired by your own unique decorating ideas! Happy building.

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