5 Ways to Extend the Life of A Construction Supply

In this article, we’ll be discussing five ways to keep your buckets and cans from rusting, as well as how to extend the life of your construction supply. There are a few things you can do to prevent any of these pieces from rusting. This list is meant as a general guideline for keeping your construction materials clean and in good condition, but does not cover all possible methods.

5 Ways to Extend the Life of A Construction Supply

If you’re working with any type of metal construction supply, you need to make sure they are rust-free.

1. Clean the Surfaces

Prevention is the best way to keep your construction materials from rusting. This means that if there are areas on the surfaces of your buckets or cans that are not properly maintained, they’ll start to accumulate rust within a short period of time. Prevent this from happening by taking the time to clean all surfaces of your materials.

You don’t have to use a special soap or chemical for this task, just water and a stiff brush will work. Just make sure you completely dry the bucket or can after cleaning it, before it is put into use again.

Keeping your materials clean is generally a good idea anyway, so take some time to wipe them down every once in awhile and you won’t have nearly as much work to do in order to keep them rust-free.

2. Apply Rust Preventive Products to Seams

This step goes hand-in-hand with making sure all surfaces of the bucket or can are cleaned up. Once you’ve cleaned off the surface, spray the area where two different pieces of metal are joined together with a rust preventive product.

We recommend using a construction adhesive like Loctite Power Grab construction adhesive or Loctite Heavy Duty construction adhesive, which can both be used to prevent rust. These adhesives and others like them allow you to build a protective barrier between the two different materials and won’t dry out or flake over time.

You can also use silicone sealants to put an extra layer of protection between the two metal pieces as well. This will create a waterproof seal to protect against any moisture that may come in contact with the bucket or can, causing it to corrode and rust.


3. Apply Rust Inhibitors to Exterior Surfaces

If you take a closer look at any exterior surfaces of your bucket or can, you may notice little spots of rust already forming. If you see rust spots starting to form, this is an area that needs some attention.

These areas will continue to grow and spread if not properly cared for. You can use a wire brush to gently remove the rust, and then apply a rust inhibitor chemical like CRC 2-19 RUST STOP Heavy Duty Rust Preventive Paint or CRC 2-19 RUST STOP Ultra Rust Preventive Paint. These paints allow you to coat the outside of the metal and create a protective barrier that will prevent it from spreading further.

4. Prevent Rust Spots From Forming

When you’re working with metal, it’s impossible to completely eliminate rust. This is because any rust that does form will continue to spread and develop if not properly cared for. We recommend using a wire brush on the surface of your bucket or can as well, occasionally when it is clean and dry.

This will help clear out any dead rust from around the outer edges of the bucket or can so that rust spots don’t form in the first place. This also helps keep your steel in good condition and stops existing rust from spreading further.


5. Apply a Protective Coating to the Exterior

If the rust on the exterior is very advanced, you will need to put something on it that will help prevent further rust. We recommend using CRC Paint or CRC Ultra Paint because they are designed to effectively stop rust from spreading. These paints are made of silicone and will do a great job of protecting the steel from external elements and preventing corrosion.

CRC Paint is available in many different colors and can be used with most metals, including steel, tin, copper, aluminum and more. This paint can be used on an exterior surface or for touch-up work.

If you’re working with metal construction supply, you need to make sure they are rust-free, otherwise your entire structure could be compromised and fall apart. Take the time to keep your materials clean and properly cared for and you’ll have minimal problems in the fu

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